Found-Wood Working Project - เก็บไม้ใช้



Exhibition / Workshop


12 January - 20 March 2016





Presenting the creative idea and implementation where 20 multi-disciplinary makers freely explored the use of found wood to open up new perspectives.


The Found-Wood Working Project invited 20 leading creators to join a field workshop that explored discarded wood found in Nangrong District, Burirum Province. Each participant then selected one piece of “found wood” as a starting material to create a design work of their choice. 

This project shifts the basic concept of working with processed wood into working with wood that can be found in natural setting. And the “Found-Wood Working Project” exhibition aims to demonstrate the working process, widen the audience’s creative frame and perspective, and encourage them to experiments with the potential and inherent beauty of found wood as well as other scrap materials around us. 

The project’s 20 creative participants are: 
Ada Chirakranont / Atelier 2+ (Designer) 
Apirak Buranajade / Nakari (Product Designer) 
Chaiyapat Intawong (Designer) 
Jutamas Buranajade + Piti Amraranga / o-d-a (Designer) 
Nucharin Wangphongsawasd (Designer Maker & Wood Artist) 
Phisanu Numsiriyothin (Woodworker) 
Pakphum Youttananukorn (Designer Maker) 
Pakpoom Wittayaworakan (Woodworker) 
Panot Numsiriyothin (Woodworker) 
Pichan Sujaritsatit (Photographer) 
Pongpop Narapanich + Chollaporn Ounkomol / Nara Studio (Architect & Woodworker) 
Ratthee Phaisanchotsiri / SATAWAT (Industrial Designer) 
Rudee Tancharoen / Atelier Rudee (Jeweler) 
Sarin Tgamol (Textile Designer) 
Smich Smanloh (Type Designer) 
Terawat Teankaprasith (Illustrator) 
Torlarp Larpjaroensook (Artist) 
Worapong Manupipatpong / Atelier 2+ (Woodworker) 

Curated by o-d-a, the “Found-Wood Working Project” exhibition is a collaboration between the Found-Wood Working Project and TCDC. 




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