Industrial Skin



Tai-Thai Collaboration Project



Material : Banana Leaf

Client : N/A




'Reinterpreted consumer goods'

In term of concept “Industrial Skin” aim to re-thinking about the objects that created by the modern production process with the man-made material.


The uniqueness of industrial material have their own properties and texture there can provide to be constructed that different from the natural material.


And when we think about the object that creates by those things we can imagine what is it would be. On the other hand, there is some object that tries to skip from the ordinary appearance by using the machine to create something similar to nature. And sometimes it may ask the question to people or make the surprising to us.


To my idea, what I try to do is to make something in opposite way. If the nature-like objects that produced from the industry can make something touching to the human mind - How about to create the industrial-like objects that make of natural material?  


How would we feel about it?