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Bangkok Spoken, 2023

Bangkok Spoken, 2023

36 ideas for solving problems in Bangkok. By 36 designers who are living in Bangkok.


We'd like for you to think of this exhibition as a friendly conversation. Because this city is filled with all kinds of people, from different occupations, statuses and with an array of conditions of living.


With every day, we are able to learn new stories which reflect the problems of those living with them and, in turn, the interesting ways of solving them. In fact, most of the time, the solution is simple and easy to execute with everyday objects in order for everyone in the neighborhood to keep going with life.


Thus, this exhibition is our way of honoring the 'voices' of those anonymous creators through the documentation of their works to add to the conversation.


Because these 'voices' are often overlooked or hidden.

  • Client

    Thailand Creative & Design Center(TCDC)

  • Collaboration

    Issaraphap(Nichepak Torsutkanok, Wanus Choketaweesak, Teerapoj Teeropas)

  • Venue

    TCDC Gallery, Bangkok

  • Event

    Bangkok Design Week 2023

  • Date

    4 - 12 February 2023

  • Photo by

    Pichan Sujaritsatit

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