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Designing Daily Craft, 2021

Designing Daily Craft, 2021

Rethinking the Essence of Everyday Objects


The Designing Daily Craft Exhibition aims to re-explore the values and essence of crafting in everyday objects. “Crafting for people” has been the heart of creating life-related artifacts since the olden days through modern design concepts of functionality, production, material substitution, shape, and color inspiration, as well as a recreation of meanings, stories, beliefs, and values.  


The exhibition showcases 12 artifacts of crafting, including wicker baskets, bamboo bench, silver bowl, Nam ton ewer, turned wood, traditional parasol, celadon porcelain, dyed fabric, carved wood, lacquerware, Sa paper, and Chamchuri bench. Some of these are common objects made with locally found materials, enhanced by artisans. Others are newly designed by designers based on the concept of simplicity while carrying symbolic beauty.


In the age of technology and online platforms, traditional artisans need to be open to younger generations and adapt to the changing world. On the other hand, young designers have their eyes on old people’s efforts in creating objects that mirror lifestyles full of life and soul. With this fresh perspective, society can be mobilized, as the convergence of ancient wisdom and modern technology gives a light of hope for local artisans that their work of art will survive and play a crucial part in our future life.

  • Client

    Thailand Creative & Design Center(TCDC)

  • Venue

    TCDC Gallery, Chiang Mai

  • Event

    Chiang Mai Design Week 2021

  • Date

    4 December 2021 - 27 February 2022

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